Daily Links With RIHANNA

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Here’s your daily dose of celebrity news and gossip, brought to you by Rihanna! Toronto Mayor Rob Ford had a tough time in rehab. (D Listed) Is Miley Cyrus dating her producer, Mike Will Made-It? (OK! Magazine) Do you think James Franco is over-estimating his artistic skills? (Moe Jackson) Are Mark Wahlberg and his wife,…

Justin Bieber in Rolling Stone: Behind the Bad Boy

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Great news for Justin Bieber: The singer covers the latest issue of Rolling Stone. Not so great news for Justin Bieber: The issue is all about how the once-admirable artist is now a true “Bad Boy.” In the face of his recent DUI and drag racing arrest, along with his alleged egging of his neighbor’s home,…

Michelle Obama on Justin Bieber: He Needs a Hug!

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The Mom-In-Chief has some words of wisdom for the Idiotic-Singer-In-Trouble. With Justin Bieber to face charges for allegedly egging his neighbor’s home month, Michelle Obama has actually spoken out on the young singer and offered some advice. Some advice for his parents, actually. “I would pull him close,” Obama tells ABC News of what she’d…