Selena Gomez: "Still Obsessed" With Justin Bieber, Friend Claims

These days, or really any day since we began covering their lives and times, it’s tough to tell what’s going on with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez Kisses Justin Bieber

Last week, one rumor had it that Justin was trying to win Selena back… with the help of his mother, Patti Mallette, and one of his friends.

Prior to that Justin was banging Barbara Palvin, one of several supermodels he’s been tied to or late, to try and make Selena jealous.

Needless to say, their relationship doesn’t make much sense (or any sense) these days, but the latest rumor might be the most baffling yet:

“[Selena] is still obsessed with Justin and always will be,” a source tells Radar Online.

Pretty surprising stuff, considering Justin has cheated, been arrested multiple times, and sent Selena abusive text messages just in the past year. 

Remember that exchange? If so, here’s a refresher:

Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez Text #1

One of five text message screen caps allegedly sent from Justin Bieber to Selena Gomez. It’s pretty interesting if true.

As you may have guessed, Selena’s friends are getting pretty sick of this never-ending charade and Gomez constantly running back to the Biebs:

“Everyone is really sick of hearing the same old story. Nothing changes with them. She gets back with him, he lies, he gets caught, she gets upset and then tries to make him jealous.”

Pretty much sums it up right there.

The anonymous friend adds that there was never anything romantic going on between Selena and Orlando Bloom, and Gomez was simply using the older actor to try and make Justin jealous:

“Selena knows that getting photographed with Orlando would piss Justin off and it did,” says the insider.

Yup, sounds like things are as healthy as ever in Jelena Land. 

Justin Bieber With Selena Gomez Photo

Justin Bieber loves him some Selena Gomez. Just see these pics from happier times and you’ll know it.

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Selena Gomez: "Still Obsessed" With Justin Bieber, Friend Claims


Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 7 Recap: The Rage of Jenna Jameson … and Nikki Ferrell

This week on Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 7, we learned a good number of things about the random cast of celebrity characters living in the house.

And what a cast of characters that is.

Continuing a theme touched upon often in previous weeks, Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 7 took fans inside the mind of porn legend Jenna Jameson.

And what a warped place that is.

Dr. Jenn got the couples to open up about things in their past that have shaped who they are today. For Jenna Jameson, it was her mom’s death.

Not for the loss itself, but for how her father responded and was so emotionally abusive, to the point where she couldn’t even tell him she’d been raped.

Jenna’s boyfriend John says he would never lay a hand on her because he’s just not like that, but didn’t know the extent of her past trauma either.

Dr. Jenn then takes them to a real house of horrors so they can vanquish their own internal house of horrors they live in. See the symbolism there?

Then Jenna Jameson smashes stuff.

With a bat. She breaks mirrors and a table full of plates and cups while yelling out all the things she needed from her father that he didn’t give her. It’s cathartic.

Treach has issues with his own dad, and boy does he let ‘em out. He says having Cicely embrace him makes him feel like somebody’s in his corner.

Jenna felt the same about John.

Juan Pablo Galavis, meanwhile, lets out his anger at his ex-best friend and his first ex-girlfriend, who dated each other after she and Juan broke up.

Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Kiss

Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell kiss in a cute photo.

Nikki Ferrell, who previously admitted she throws fits to get whatever she wants, despite being good at everything growing up, learns that JPG is scared.

Things then got ugly again, though.

Cicely reads aloud a magazine article aloud, talking about Nikki, her friends, Juan Pablo and how she’s constantly fighting for some kind of validation.

“Nikki, you kind of met your man on a dating show,” Cicely says.

“You were the winner. Leave the contestants behind.”

“I really like Juan Pablo, I really like Nikki,” Dick says.

Individually, that is. But “together, I don’t know.”

Jenna overhears and sees Juan Pablo Galavis try to console Nikki Ferrell, or not. He could see just how uncomfortable she was and did nothing.

Nikki rails against Cicely to Juan Pablo, saying how disrespectful she is, then rips Juan too for not standing her in this obvious time of need.

Well then, this concludes another week in the house. Follow the link to watch Couples Therapy online and hold onto your butts, it’s a wild one in there.

Dick Donato and Stephanie Rogers-Fischer

Dick Donato, or simply Evel Dick as he’s known to Big Brother Nation, is working on things with his girlfriend Stephanie Rogers-Fischer … and chose Couples Therapy as the platform from which to reveal that he is HIV positive.

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Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 7 Recap: The Rage of Jenna Jameson … and Nikki Ferrell


Kesha Swore Under Oath That She Was NOT Abused By Dr. Luke in 2011 Deposition

Last week, Kesha filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke, claiming that her former producer had sexually assaulted her several times over the course of ten years.

Luke countersued and accused Kesha of blackmail and extortion.

  • Kesha at the 2014 VMAs
  • Lukasz Gottwald Pic

Earlier today, evidence that seemed the corroborate the singers claims surfaced in the form of tweets that were posted back in February in which Kesha attacks Luke and accuses him of abuse.

Now this strange case has taken another unexpected twist, as TMZ has obtained a transcript of a deposition from 2011 in which Kesha swears under oath that Luke never drugged or molested her, as she had previously claimed.

Asked by a lawyer if she’d ever had “an intimate relationship” with Luke, Kesha responded, “No.”

She later stated, “Dr. Luke never gave me coke,” and answered in the negative when asked if he’d ever given her a “roofie.”

This information directly contradicts Kesha’s previous claims that Luke had drugged and raped her on several occasions.

However, Kesha’s lawyers issued a statement earlier today saying that the singer had waited so long to file a lawsuit because she was afraid of repercussions from Luke.

Her attorneys will likely argue that she did not accuse him of abuse during the deposition for the same reason.

We’ll have more on this case as new information becomes available. 

Kesha: Hot at the Billboard Awards

Kesha at last night’s Billboard Music Awards. Is it just us, or is she looking mighty good these days?

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Kesha Swore Under Oath That She Was NOT Abused By Dr. Luke in 2011 Deposition


More Americans Have Married Kim Kardashian Than Have Died From Ebola: Hilarious Fact Goes VIRAL!

Even though Kim Kardashian has only been married three times, more Americans have fallen victim to her famous badonkadonk than have died from Ebola.

That’s the hilarious truth pointed out by some brilliant Twitter user earlier this week, and the quote has been a viral hit ever since.

Kim Kardashian vs. Ebola

And with good reason: It serves the dual purposes of reminding Americans that the chances of odds of an Ebola epidemic hitting America are slim to none, as well as reminding Kanye that he’s totally late to the party when it comes to putting a ring on Kim. 

So what better way to celebrate Kim’s 34th birthday than by thanking her for putting things in perspective. And obviously, we also owe a debt of gratitude to Yeezy for (hopefully) putting a stop to the outbreak of dudes getting hubbied up by the sex tape star.

Of course, in all seriousness, Ebola is a terrible disease that’s claimed thousands of lives in West Africa, and our hearts go out to  Nina Pham and Amber Joy Vinson, the two American nurses who are currently fighting the virus.

The goal of comparing Ebola to a Kardashian is not to make light of the illness, but merely to try and calm folks down with a bit of levity.

It’s an age old strategy, first employed by medieval standup comics during the Black Plague. (“Didja ever notice how they always seem to stack the bodies right where you want to park your carriage? Who are these people?”)

Okay, we may have made that last part up. 

For the record, sources say Kim is terrified of Ebola, so hopefully she’ll benefit from this meme most of all. Although, if she and Kanye would rather stay safely at home and out of the spotlight for a few months or years, we certainly don’t want to discourage that.

Kim Kardashian Krying

Kim gets her ugly cry on. It’s definitely not her best look.

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More Americans Have Married Kim Kardashian Than Have Died From Ebola: Hilarious Fact Goes VIRAL!


Daniele Watts, Boyfriend Charged With Lewd Conduct Over Car Sex Scandal

Actress Daniele Watts and her boyfriend have both been charged with lewd conduct over their recent parking lot car sex scandal, according to a new report.

The Django Unchained star was infamously arrested for having sex in her car outside CBS Studios last month, at which point she played the race card.

Watts said she was handcuffed and embarrassed simply for “showing affection” while “fully clothed’ and in a “public place” with Brian James Lucas.

Witnesses at the Directors Guild office who witnessed the hookup told a different story, telling officers that Watts and Lucas were having sex alright.

In the passenger seat, with her straddling him and the door wide open, holding the open sunroof for control. After which Lucas cleaned up with a tissue.

Yeah. Lovely.

In audio from the incident, LAPD Sgt. Jim Parker tells Lucas why he was called to the scene, only to have Watts jump in and bring up her race.

And the fact that she has a publicist. As the confrontation escalates, Watts says she serves “freedom and love,” while the authorities “serve detainment.”

She later yells: “I hope when you’re f–king your spouses you really feel alive.” Watts walked away in a fury, so they cuffed her and brought her back.

Prosecutors listened to the LAPD audio, and examined various testimonies and pictures of Watts straddling her boyfriend with her breasts exposed.

After weighing the Daniele Watts sex photos and all over evidence, both parties were charged with lewd conduct and face up to six months in jail if convicted.

Stay tuned.

Waka Flocka Flame

Waka Flocka Flame was arrested at the Atlanta airport for packing heat. That’ll do it every time.

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Daniele Watts, Boyfriend Charged With Lewd Conduct Over Car Sex Scandal


Kesha SLAMS Dr. Luke on Twitter: Abusive F–ker Didn’t Win!

Last week, Kesha filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke, claiming that her former producer harassed and sexually assaulted her several times over a period of ten years.

Luke countersued Kesha, claiming that the accusations were part of an elaborate extortion plot coordinated by Kesha, her mother, and her new management team.

Now, Kesha’s attorneys have called the media’s attention to a series of tweets the singer posted early this year that seem to corroborate her claims of ongoing abuse:

  • Kesha Letter
  • Kesha, No Makeup

“These music business a-sholes (well, Dr. Luke) had almost successfully crushed my magic. But that f–ker didn’t win!” reads one tweet, posted while Kesha was in rehab receiving treatment for an eating disorder and emotional issues. She later added:

“I’m here working out some emotional trauma & abuse. There’s someone I work with that is SO abusive.”

Kesha’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, also issues a statement explaining why his client waited so long to file suit:

“She is not a very confrontational person,” Geragos says. “The efforts were always met with psychological warfare, predatory behavior, and things of that ilk.”

“She finally got to a place where she is surrounded by people that are supportive enough that she felt like she could finally do it. She just couldn’t go on this way.”

Luke had previously claimed that Kesha put off filing the papers so that she could blackmail him into letting her out of her contract with his record company.

Red, White, Blue... and Green!

Kesha has debuted a green hair color against the backdrop of the American flag. What do you think?

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Kesha SLAMS Dr. Luke on Twitter: Abusive F–ker Didn’t Win!


Jenelle Evans Accused of Child Abuse; Teen Mom 2 Star Defends Black Eye Photo, Fires Back Online

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans posted a photo of her baby son Kaiser with what looks like a black eye, which of course prompted cries of child abuse online.

Someone even called Child Protective Services on her over the image below, which did not sit well with the Carolina Hurricane and sparked a Twitter rebuke:

  • Jenelle Evans' Son, Black Eye
  • Jenelle Evans and Sons

Jenelle leaves Kaiser, three months old, in the care of her mother-in-law (or her baby daddy’s Nathan Griffith‘s mom, since they’re not married) while in school.

Often, she posts pictures from their day to day adventures in parenting, but someone actually reported Jenelle to the state agency after this photo.

Anyone with little kids knows that they get bonked, bruised and scratched on a routine basis, figuring out how to crawl, walk and roll over, et cetera.

That, combined with the fact that no one was there to see what (if anything) happened to the youngster makes the call to CPS a pretty crazy move.

Not surprisingly, Jenelle was fuming about it:

  • U guys r seriously accusing me of giving Kai a black eye?! Wtf is wrong with all if u. CALL CPS again. I dare u, idiots.
  • Me and Nathan’s mom just got finished laughing at u haters. She’s like “even if Kai did have a black eye.. Would u REALLY be posting it ?!”

She makes a good point, even it does look like he suffered a bonk of some kind. Attributing that to abuse you assume took place is pretty absurd, though.

Jenelle Evans, who appeared with Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry, and Chelsea Houska on this week’s reunion show (watch Teen Mom 2 online) is a lot of things.

Abusive is not one of them. In fact, she posts almost daily pics of all the cute things she and her little family do together, from the benign to the adorable.

We know Jenelle has had a tough past and that haters will always assume the worst, and she may be guilty of oversharing and giving them too much ammo.

She’s not a child abuser though. Move on.

Jenelle Evans, Daddy and Baby

Jenelle Evans, Nathan Griffith and their newborn baby son Kaiser share a touching moment.

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Jenelle Evans Accused of Child Abuse; Teen Mom 2 Star Defends Black Eye Photo, Fires Back Online


Sarah Hyland Granted THREE-YEAR Restraining Order From Matthew Prokop

Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland has been granted a three year restraining order from her allegedly abusive and unstable former boyfriend, Matthew Prokop.

According to L.A. County Superior Court, Hyland has been granted all the protections she requested, and Matt Prokop must stay 100 yards from her.

That includes her house, her dog, and her workplace on the ABC sitcom.

Prokop is also not allowed to own a gun, and not permitted to attack or threaten to harm her dog in any way. Yes, that part is scarily a real stipulation.

Sarah Hyland got a restraining order from her boyfriend of five years last month after claiming that Prokop was abusive throughout their relationship.

Friends say Hyland, who plays oldest daughter Haley Dunphy on the Emmy-winning comedy series, has been through hell as a result of his torment.

Among other things, she claims that Prokop verbally abused her and once choked her with a “grip so tight that [she] could not breathe or speak.”

Hyland also claimed that after calling off their relationship, he lost it.

Prokop “relentlessly bombarded [her] with vile, threatening and emotionally disturbing texts and voicemails including his own suicide threats.”

He allegedly said he’d burn her house down and harm her dog.

Court docs also noted Prokop’s recent stint in rehab – now over – and said the facility even suggested Hyland get a restraining order due to his mental state.

Sarah Hyland’s lawyer declined to comment further on the case, but basically said all there is to say by noting “the documents filed speak for themselves.”

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes has been arrested in September 2014. For DUI. This is a mug shot from her previous arrest, but she’s been booked once again this year.

Sarah Hyland Granted THREE-YEAR Restraining Order From Matthew Prokop


Fantasia Barrino Father Of Their Teenage Daughter Sues For Custody

The 68th Annual Tony Awards‘American Idol’ alum Fantasia Barrino is embroiled in another domestic legal problem, but it’s very different from the “homewrecker” case she faced a few years ago. The father of Fantasia’s 13-year-old daughter is suing for custody. RELATED: Fantasia denies breaking up a marriage.

According to TMZ, Brandel Shouse is claiming in his legal documents that he’s the better parent, so he wants physical and legal custody. According to Fantasia, he’s never had any kind of relationship with their daughter. At all.

Apparently Fantasia and Brandel dated in high school, but the relationship was abusive; he reportedly pled guilty to beating and choking her. Well, Fantasia has decided to fight fire with fire. She’s countersuing Brandel for 13 years worth of child support, since she’s said he’s never given her any money to support their daughter.

If he simply wanted to see his daughter and establish a relationship with her, I think that would be great. Every child should know both of their parents if that’s possible. Just trying to swoop in and get primary custody, however, is another matter entirely. I hope the courts consider what’s in this girl’s best interest and act accordingly.

68th Annual Tony Awards
68th Annual Tony Awards
68th Annual Tony Awards
68th Annual Tony Awards
68th Annual Tony Awards
The 68th Annual Tony Awards
The 68th Annual Tony Awards
The 68th Annual Tony Awards


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Fantasia Barrino Father Of Their Teenage Daughter Sues For Custody


Sarah Hyland’s restraining order reveals ex threatened to kill her, commit suicide

"Struck by Lightning" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals
Yesterday we heard that Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland, 23, had obtained a temporary restraining order on Friday against Matthew Prokop, 24, a former live-in boyfriend of five years. Prokop was due to be released from rehab, and the rehab director had advised Hyland to take out a restraining order before Prokop left the facility. At that point all we knew about the restraining order were second hand details from TMZ, and they were disturbing. Prokop had allegedly verbally abused Hyland for four out of the five years that they were together. TMZ revealed that Prokop had choked Hyland earlier this year, damaging her voice and leaving her with a sore throat. When Hyland attempted to break up with Prokop, he ranted and screamed. He did this in front of witnesses including Hyland’s co-star Julie Bowen, who had come to lend support.

Now the full restraining order has been released. Reading it makes my heart sink and a lump form in my throat. I can only imagine when Hyland went through the past few years. The sad highlights include a cycle of abuse that Hyland endured for years, and a detailed account of manipulative threats by Prokop. Prokop threatened to commit suicide if Hyland left him. When Hyland attempted to contact Prokop’s mother, his mother told Hyland that it would be her fault if Prokop killed himself. Some passages from the restraining order are below. Trigger warning – many descriptions are disturbing.

Cycle of abuse
Over the course of the relationship between 2010-2014, Mr. Prokop habitually verbally abused me, called me vile names and degraded me in public. Frankly, I am a little embarrassed to even state here the kinds of foul names Mr. Prokop repeatedly called me; however, they included such names as” “c-”, “w-”, “s-” and many others. Over that time, he also repeatedly exhibited significant anger management issues which included things like throwing objects in my direction in anger, pushing me, punching walls and slamming doors. He would make vague threats saying that he would “never hit a woman, but [that I] deserve” to be beaten or that he “would beat the s- out of [me]“. I was often scared and confused and didn’t quite know what to do and he would apologize and beg forgiveness, so I stayed.

He choked her
On or about May of 2014, Mr. Prokop and I had an argument in the garage of my home wherein he was critical of an outfit that I was wearing. He began calling me vile names including shouting “[redacted]” at me over and over again. I asked him to stop and finally I approached him and demanded that he stop. Mr. Prokop grabbed me by the shoulders and slammed my back into the side of my car. It bears note that I have a history of medical problems stemming from a kidney disorder about which Mr. Prokop was aware when he slammed me into the vehicle.

Mr. Prokop pinned me against the car and though I struggled to get free, I could not. He is 5’11″ tall. I am about 5’2″. Mr. Prokop outweighs me by over 50 pounds. Once he had me pinned against the car he placed both of his hands around my throat and began to choke me. His grip was so tight I could not breathe or speak. I was scared and infear for my life. I struggled to get free and continued gasping for breath, but he would not let go. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I kicked him in the leg and he let go and went into the house. I was extremely scared and confused and did not know what to do. I was going to call the police, but he apologize, swore it would never happen again and begged me not to call the police, so I did not. I did suffer injuries to my voice and a very sore throat following this event.

She tried to break up with him but he threatened her
Over the course of the next few months, I tried to end the relationship several times without igniting his temper, but I could not get him to leave and he would apologize and ask for another chance.

On or about August 4, 2014, after more public name calling, emotionally abusive behavior and exhibitions of his temper, I tried again to break up with him and asked him to leave. He began slamming doors and throwing objects including his phone in my direction. I was in fear for my safety. He began texting me non-stop while I was working and verbally threatening me. I was extremely scared, so I baked away from the breakup.

His mother threatened her too
Then, on or about August 11, 2014, he again started calling me names saying that I was “s- looking” and calling me “c-”. We had an argument at that point and he again began punching walls and slamming doors in my home. So, I called his mother and advised her that I was breaking up with him and I requested that she come to California to help me get him help. She initially said that she would come in a couple of days, but two days later, on August 13, 2014, she sent me a text stating that if I broke up with him, he would kill himself, that it would be my fault and that she was not coming. I let her know that I was scared for my personal safety and had reached the point where I could not take it anymore and that I was going to end the relationship whether she came or not.

She tried to break up with him with the help of some colleagues
I had asked some colleagues (Julie Bowen, Erica Wright and Mr. Konigsberg), who also know Mr. Prokop to come to my house on Saturday to intervene and help me peacefully end the relationship. I even had purchased a plane ticket to give to Mr. Prokop at this meeting for him to travel home to Texas the next day to be with his family. On Saturday August 16, 2014, I was present at my home with [colleagues] for our planned meeting… However, when Mr. Prokop arrived at the house for the meeting and saw my colleagues, he ran outside into the backyard and began screaming. I followed him and told him that he scared me and that I could not take it anymore. Mr. Prokop threw a lighter at me. Ms. Bowen spoke with him and then advised me to leave immediately, implying that it might not be safe for me to stay. She said that Mr. Prokop made a comment to the effect that I needed to suffer as much as he had and that he wanted to make me so miserable that I would take a shotgun and kill myself. I left the property because he refused to leave and I stayed with a friend that night.

Prokop threatened to burn down her house and harm her dog
Later that day, in the evening of Saturday, August 16, 2014, Mr. Prokop texted me from outside of another house I own that is undergoing construction and said he was there to pick up his belongings. He said that if I did not come to that house within 10 minutes he would drive through the garage door to get inside and set the house on fire. He also threatened that if I did not comply, I would never see my dog again.

He threatened suicide
The rest of Saturday and all day and night Sunday… he relentlessly bombarded me with vile, threatening and emotionally disturbing texts and voice mails including his own suicide threats… over those two days… he also told my colleague, Ms. Wright, more than once that I deserve to die. Ms. Wright also informed me that he made numerous menacing statements to her directly about me and my dog. I was very frightened and upset and sought some counseling to help deal with the situation. Also installed new alarm systems and changed my gate code…

Prokop deleted all his threatening texts to her
The next day, on Sunday morning, I went to the rental house where we lived to say goodbye to Mr. Prokop and to make sure he was going back to Texas… Erica Wright was there as well. While I was there, I received a message on my phone and accessed my phone to see the message. At that point, Mr. Prokop grabbed my phone from me and deleted all of his texts to me. I tried to get my phone back, but he kept it away from me until he had completed deleting the messages…

The rehab director told her to get the restraining order
On August 18, 2014, he formally moved out of my house and directly into the rehabilitation facility where he has been since. I had hoped that the rehabilitation program would help him, but as mentioned above, I received word from the director of the facility… that Mr. Prokop is set to be discharged on Sunday, September 21… and that I should seek this order immediately due to Mr. Prokop’s mental state and attitude toward me.

[From restraining order as posted on NY Daily News]

I’m sorry that’s so long, I didn’t know what to cut out because it was all so powerful and I wanted you to be able to read it in context. At least this case is getting publicity for the sake of victims everywhere. I hope this isn’t a blow to Hyland’s privacy, I hope she’s not mortified that this got out, but she has absolutely no reason to be embarrassed. So many women have been in her situation, and I hope this case helps victims realize that they are not alone, that they have nothing to be ashamed about and that they can escape from their abusers. If you suspect you are in an abusive relationship, please get help. (You can use an incognito window in most web browsers to ensure that your surfing history is not traceable.)




"Struck by Lightning" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Photos are from 2013 and 2014, except for the event photo with the Elle backdrop, that’s from 2010. Credit: and PRPhotos

Sarah Hyland’s restraining order reveals ex threatened to kill her, commit suicide