Brad Pitt on Jennifer Aniston Comment: Pure Spin!

Brad Pitt is in full-fledged movie promotion mode, but still finds himself fielding questions about his personal life – specifically select comments he made last week regarding his pretend marriage to Jennifer Aniston.

“That was never my intention for it to be spun that way,” he said of those who interpreted his remarks that way, insisting it wasn’t what he meant.

“People read things into it that just weren’t there.”

Brad Pitt, GlassesJennifer Aniston, Great Hair

Saying he once used film to fill a void in his life, Pitt told Parade last week:

“It became very clear to me that I was intent on trying to find a movie about an interesting life, but I wasn’t living an interesting life myself.”

“I think that my marriage had something to do with it,” he says, noting that he was “trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.”

While we certainly don’t think Brad meant to overtly slam Jen, it’s also easy to understand how someone could interpret it as such. Tough one.

However he may have meant it, there’s no arguing that critics and fans are eagerly anticipating his new film Moneyball, opening this weekend.


Brad Pitt on Jennifer Aniston Comment: Pure Spin!