Ben Affleck Calls Blake Lively “A Gorgeous Woman” On The Anderson Cooper Show

Now, while I really love me some Ben Affleck (he’s never looked hotter, now has he?), I really don’t get why he is mentioning all of his exes and certain — ahem — co-stars of the past while he’s out there doing the media rounds to promote his new film, “Argo.” He’s probably doing it to get our attention and well, it’s working so I guess I have to give him that.

Yesterday, we mentioned how he said that he still talks to his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez by email once in awhile, which while I’m sure makes him sound incredibly mature and passed all that messy stuff. Well, today he also mentioned another female that may or may not have been linked to him while he was filming “The Town” a few years ago: Blake Lively. Here’s what he says on the Anderson Cooper Show:

Blake, yes is not forty. Blake is twenty one or whatever she is twenty two. She is fabulous as you can see, she’s a gorgeous young woman. She was in the Town with me and she was fabulous. She wanted to do research and she was coming off her television show, Gossip Girl, so she was driving down at nights back and forth and really stretching it to get her research done. And I was driving around the city here’s the neighborhood, here’s the people she hung up with – the various people who were in these projects and stuff. And then I just drove around to see the sights, John Quincy Adams home, that kind of thing and we went by one and I said, ‘That’s the house Matt grew up in.’ And she’s like, ‘Matt who?’ And I was like, ‘Matt Damon grew up there.’ And she’s like, ‘How do you know Jason Bourne?’ And my life flashed before my eyes. I was like, ‘Oh we did a movie together, Good Will Hunting.’

While yes, it was Anderson who brought up Blake’s name first, I can’t help but wonder how Ben’s wife Jennifer Garner has to feel about all of this. Awkward much? I hope not!

Ben Affleck Calls Blake Lively “A Gorgeous Woman” On The Anderson Cooper Show